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Area 62 km2
Average To be determined
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Kolomba project

The project includes the Kolomba exploration permits covering 64km2. Robex owns 100% of the  license. 

It is located about 12km south of Kenieba and 1km NW of Dabia village. The road linking Bamako Kenieba passes through the center of the permit.

Geologically it is located in the southeast sector of the Kédougou Kéniéba window in the inferior Proterozoic age Birrimian bedrock, found in the central and northern part of the gold deposits of Sadiola, Loulo and Tabakoto. The project is located respectively 21km north east and 25km south of the Fekola and Tabakoto gold deposits.

The licensed area has been explored in detail since the 90s, soil geochemistry, geology, geophysics, and surveys revealed potential areas for gold exploration. Approximately CAD $ 1 million was invested in this license by stakeholders. Since 2007, Robex invested approximately CAD $ 1 million in geological work, soil geochemistry, wells, trenches and surveys.

These studies have yielded poor results in general. They are consistent with geological landscapes where saprolite is dominate, with scatterings of small quartz stock work and at times, higher amounts of gold mineralization, but sporadic and with no real continuity. The results obtained on the target MM-5A show that the central area of this target could be prospective. The drilling on anomalies MM-2, MM-3 and Bilali Santos highlighted valid intersections worthy of follow-ups to establish continuity. Consistent gold values were also revealed in trenches dug in a targeted area of 40m x 50m.

Location map of the Kolomba polls on geochemical background.

KolombaCarte20140415Table of the best intersections

Tr5 : 34m @ 1,03 g/t Au

Tr6 : 16m @ 1,92 g/t Au

Tr7 : 34m @ 1,26 g/t Au.

Some orientation work, including geology, geophysics and RC drilling, is planned during the next exploration campaign.