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Mali South



Area 62 km2
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Mininko project

The project includes the Mininko exploration permits covering 62km2. Robex owns 100% of the license and a 1% NSR is liable. It is on this property that Nampala mine is located.

It is located around 57km to the SW of the town of Sikasso and 21km south of Niéna village, which is accessible via the trail from the Nampala mine. 

Geologically, it is located in the South Mali window, in the inferior Proterozoic age Birrimian bedrock, where the Syama, Morilla, and Nampala gold deposits were found. The project includes the licensed operation of the Nampala deposit, and is located 35km NNE of the Syama dposit and 92km southwest of the Morilla deposit.

The licensed area has been explored in detail since 1980 and soil geochemistry, geology, geophysics, and surveys revealed potential areas for exploration. Around CAD 10 million was invested on that permit in the past and Robex invested 6M CAD since 2005.

The work has defined several gold targets, one of which became the Nampala deposit. The other targets are currently under evaluation.

Robex will undertake geological and geophysical surveys, and RC surveys during its next exploration campaign.

Map of geochimical anomalies on Mininko