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Mali South



Area 108 km2
Average To be determined
Ounces To be determined


N'Golopene project

The project includes the N’golopene exploration licenses covering 114km2. Robex owns 100% of the permit.

It is located roughly 64km south west of Sikasso.

Geologically it is located in the southeast sector of the Kédougou Kéniéba window in the inferior Proterozoic age Birrimian bedrock, where we can find the Syama, Morilla, Nampala deposits. The project is located 6km east of the Syama deposit.

The licensed area has been explored in detail since the end of 1980. Soil geochemistry, geophysics, and RC drilling have identified gold targets on the same geological units that were recognized south of Syama. 

Approximately CAD 0.1 million was invested on that permit in the past and Robex invested CAD 0.3 million between 2006 and 2010. Since 2011 Resolute Mining has invested CAD 0.5 million.

Location map of polls on N'Golopene