The official inauguration of the Nampala mine took place on March 29, 201.

The ceremony was a great success and presided by the Minister of Mines and Petroleum: Mrs. Hawa Baba Ba Lelenta, respected specialist and former Director of the DNGM (Mali’s National Directorate for Geology and Mines).

Guests were greeted at the mine site by Mr. Abdel Kader Maïga,  Country Manager of Robex, Mr. Benjamin Cohen, General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors of Robex and Augustin Rousselet , CFO and COO; Georges Cohen, Company President, was represented by Nicolas Ros, Director of Legal Affairs and Human Resources. More than 400 representatives of the Malian administration, the mine’s economic partners, community representatives, as well as part of the staff and their representatives attended the event, which was a great success.

The speech on behalf of Georges Cohen addressed such themes as industrial success, the partnership entered into with Malian stakeholders, the social involvement of the mine and its partnership with Switzerland to create a literacy center, the mine acting as a mine-school. The mine also announced the upcoming creation of a photovoltaic power plant and extensive work for a gradual increase of its gold production.

The speeches and ceremonies were followed by a site visit.

The Company invites you to watch the Malian TV newscast of March 30, 2019 reporting on the event: