. Shareholder Informations

We are committed to building value through responsible gold mining in West Africa.

Robex Resources is a gold mining company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange – Venture (“TSX-V”), and is headquartered in Quebec, Canada.
Robex currently owns two assets in the highly prospective Birimian Greenstone belt: the Nampala producing gold mine in Mali, and the Kiniero Gold Project in Guinea (Conakry).

Can I buy shares directly from Robex?
Robex shares are traded though a broker at the TSX Venture Exchange (symbol: RBX) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (symbol: RB4).
Who can I contact if I haven’t received documentation for the Robex shareholders’ annual general meeting?
For registered owners whose shares are held in certificate form, please contact Computershare. For beneficial owners whose shares are electronic in an account with a broker, you may contact your broker directly. For general shareholder questions, you may ask to the transfer agent: Computershare.
What are the deadlines for filing consolidated financial statements and annual consolidated financial statements?
Robex has to file its abridged consolidated interim financial statements no later than the 60th day following the end of a quarter and its annual consolidated financial statements no later than the 120th day following the end of the financial year.
Does Robex accept requests for charitable donations or sponsorships?
Robex works in partnership with communities surrounding the Nampala mine and strives to create job opportunities, improve access to education and health care, protect the environment and improve quality of life. We focus on supporting initiatives that will benefit the people in the area where we are operating.

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Support the development of a West African gold business.
Strong focus on generating cash flow and shareholder returns versus size.
Kiniero is the largest exploitation license in Guinea – a significant mining establishment.
Responsible mining through unique local content strategy.

. Capital Structure

Our company believes in conducting operations in a responsive, standardized and profitable position.

  • Symbol (TSX-V) RBX
  • Share Price 1 CAD 1.60
  • Share Outstanding 2 84m/100m
  • Market Capitalisation CAD 134m/160m
  • Cash 3 CAD 19m
  • Debt 3 CAD 46m

1. As of April 8th 2024, post share consolidation
2. Pre/post full share dilution
3. As of end-September 2023

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Robex is committed to responsible mining and delivering sustainable value to our employees, stakeholders and the communities in the countries we operate.

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  • 2024-Q1
  • Management’s Discussion & Analysis
Rapport de gestion Q1 2024
  • 2024-Q1
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États financiers consolidés intermédiaires résumés (non audités) Q1-2024
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Notice of 2024 annual general and special meeting and notice of availability of meeting materials
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Avis de convocation a l’assemblee generale et extraordinaire annuelle 2024 et Circulaire de sollicitation de procurations 2024
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Rapport de gestion 2023
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États financiers consolidés intermédiaires résumés (non audités) Q3-2023
  • 2023-Q3
  • Management’s Discussion & Analysis
Management’s Discussion and Analysis Q3 2023
  • 2023-Q3
  • Management’s Discussion & Analysis
Rapport de gestion Q3 2023
  • 2023-Q3
  • Financial Statements
Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements (unaudited) Q3 2023

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Robex Corporate Presentation – June 2023

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July 7, 2023
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Robex Corporate Presentation – May 2023

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June 14, 2023
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Robex Corporate Presentation – April 2023

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May 2, 2023
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Robex Corporate Presentation – March 2023

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March 1, 2023