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Robex: Kiniero Gold District, SGA complex – excellent strike extension reserve delineation pit shell drilling results

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Québec City, Quebec, January 12th, 2023 — Robex Resources Inc. (“Robex“, “the Group” or “the Company“) (TSXV: RBX) is pleased to announce strike extension drilling results at the SGA Complex on its property in Guinea.

Historical resource delineation drilling at the SGA Complex of the Kiniero Gold Mine was focussed on the shallower oxide and transitional ore horizons that targeted the central components of the Gobelé A, B and C mineralised structures, which supported the historical mine start-up in c. 2002. Beyond this central mining zone of the SGA Complex, historical step out drilling was limited in testing for extensions of the Gobelé mineralised structures that make up the SGA Complex.

During 2020, Robex completed a detailed unbiased remote sensing structural interpretation to the gauge the overall prospectivity of the property, aiding in identifying new exploration targets. This was bolstered in 2021 by the acquisition of the gridded data of the previous geophysical surveys over the property, which helped identify the strike extensions of the SGA Complex as being prospective.

Based on this new structural interpretation, Robex commenced a strike extension drilling campaign during 2021 at the previously mined SGA Complex. This drilling campaign was designed to both infill and validate the historical drilling data, as well as to step out and test for new strike extensions. Drilling was executed as both RC and DD drilling to test for extensions of this mineralisation, both at near-surface through the oxide horizons as well as at depth through the fresh horizons. Drilling continued from 2021 through to 2022, and remains ongoing.


Results of this drilling have been continuously positive and have clearly confirmed and demonstrated the unmined strike extensions of the Gobelé gold bearing system at the SGA Complex, resulting in additional reserve delineations. This reserve delineation drilling supported the recently completed independent Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS, dated 26 August 2022) on the Kiniero Gold Project and had a direct impact on the overall PFS pitshell.

Drilling has increased the strike length of the Gobelé A, B and C mineralised structures of the SGA Complex within the PFS pit shell from ~450m to ~1,000m, and remains open along strike in both directions (Figure 1 & Figure 2). The northeastern extension has a pronounced BLEG Au-in-soil footprint extending for an additional ~1.5km, while the southwestern extension is represented by a ~1,000m BLEG Au-in-soil anomaly that end sharply at the Kéléro River, a feature which represents a pronounced geological fault on the property. Drilling has remained ongoing at the SGA Complex and continues to validate and infill the historical drilling data. 

Figure 1 : SGA Complex Plan Map – SGA Extension Drilling

Highlighted intersections from the north-eastern extension of the SGA Complex strike extension reserve delineation drilling include:

  • GDG21-007: 56m @ 1.51g/t from 21m, including 28m @ 2.58g/t from 43m

22m @ 4.48g/t from 139m, including 7m @ 12.65g/t from 151.10m

  • GRC21-016: 16m @ 1.87g/t from 16m, including 8m @ 3.27g/t from 23m

22m @ 1.79g/t from 41m, including 8m @ 2.64g/t from 41m

  • GRC21-018: 22m @ 1.22g/t from 3m

2m @ 18.56g/t from 39m

4m @ 3.69g/t from 143m

  • GRC22-009: 26m @ 1.44g/t from 97m, including 4m @ 4.42g/t from 98m

5m @ 3.40g/t from 236m

  • GRC22-013: 5m @ 5.88g/t from 2m

11m @ 4.05g/t from 13m, including 3m @ 13.17g/t from 16m

13m @ 1.18g/t from 55m

11m @ 1.57g/t from 116m

  • GRC22-014: 2m @ 2.73g/t from 3m

5m @ 1.35g/t from 31m

14m @ 1.20g/t from 88m

5m @ 3.01g/t from 134m, including 3m @ 4.65g/t from 135m

Highlighted intersections from the southwestern extension of the SGA Complex strike extension reserve delineation drilling include:

  • GRC21-002: 4m @ 2.18g/t from 44m

3m @ 2.08g/t from 63m

42mm @ 1.22g/t from 74m, including 16m @ 2.82g/t from 83m

  • GRC22-015: 9m @ 1.75g/t from 87m
  • GRC22-030: 14m @ 3.05g/t from 88m, including 2m @ 13.82g/t from 88m

Figure 2 : SGA Complex A-B Cross Section – SGA Extension Drilling


Dan Tucker, the Mining Manager for Robex said: “This northern extension of the SGA Complex demonstrates the fantastic near-term upside resource and reserve potential outside of the PFS pit shells. These high-grade results will add significant value to the SGA Complex given the proximal positioning to the main pit”.

Whilst Andrew de Klerk, the Exploration Manager for Robex said: “The prospectivity of the strike extension of the SGA Complex has been demonstrated by this delineation drilling campaign. Detailed mapping, trenching and auger drilling beyond the current PFS pit shells at SGA and Sabali South is currently underway to ascertain the potential of the pronounced BLEG Au-in-soil anomalies of these extensions that remain untested. Results from these field campaigns will be followed by RC drilling in 2023.”

Qualified Person

The technical disclosures contained in this press release have been approved by Andrew De Klerk, BSc (Hons), Pr.Sci.Nat, a Qualified Person pursuant to NI 43-101. Mr De Klerk is the Exploration Manager of the Company, a Member of the Geological Society of South Africa and a Member of The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Mr De Klerk is not independent of Robex as he is a full-time employee.

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