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Robex: Q4 2022 operational results

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Quebec City, Quebec, February 14, 2023 — Robex Resources Inc. (“Robex “, “the Group” or “the Company“) (TSX-V: RBX) today announced its operating results for the fourth quarter of 2022. 

Operating results:Quarters
ended December 31
Twelve-month periods
ended December 31

Operating data

Ore mined (tons)531 742571 8032 229 4672 051 724
Ore processed (tons)517 486519 7492 025 4641 948 284
Sterile extracted (tons)2 661 1601 754 4268 994 70110 308 962
Stripping Ratio5,03,14,04,0
Treated grade (g/t)0,760.800,820,79 
Recovery (%)87,6 %91,6 %88,3 %91,4 %
Gold production in ounces11 25213 47146 651 46 552

For the twelve-month period ended December 31, 2022, production reached 46,651 ounces, stable (+0.2%) compared to the comparable period of 2021.

Due in particular to exceptional rainfall and the events of December 2022 was more difficult than the previous year, resulting in production slightly below the guidance of 50,000 ounces. 

The commissioning of the new trommel and the higher feed content (0.82g/t compared to 0.79g/t for the same period in 2021) did not fully compensate for the difficulties of the year. On the other hand, we were pleased to see that the mine managed to break its production record by processing more than 8,000 tons in one day.

Gold production for the quarter ended December 31, 2022, was 11,252 ounces, a decrease of 16.5% compared to the comparable period of 2021 (13,471 ounces in the quarter ended December 31, 2021). 

The decrease in production is mainly due to the events of December 15, which temporarily led to the halt in production (2 days). Production was also impacted by a shutdown in October due to a minor failure on the scrubber and the commissioning of a new cell of the TSF.

A new production and cost guidance will be communicated when the annual financial results are published.

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